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El modelo de Safire que se identifica internamente como HVR4 es la referencia DVR7604HI-ST

on 04/09/2015

El modelo de Safire que se identifica internamente como DVR8C es la referencia DVR6008V-H

on 04/09/2015

Para acceder al menú de una cámara TVI, desde los controles PTZ debemos llamar al preset 95.

En local (con teclado y monitor directamente conectados al grabador TVI), además podemos acceder pulsando el botón Menú de las opciones PTZ.

on 07/08/2015

Safire EasyConnect permits the use of the same credentials in several devices (web browser, Safire Control Center for Windows and Android/iOS devices) without any limit.

Independent of EasyConnect, the Safire devices have a limit of simultaneous access. Regarding the IP cameras it is usually around 6 present access, and for the recorders approximately 128 at the same time.

These limits are approximate and valid for many models. Some references, firmware versions and specific conditions could have different limits.

On the other hand, the same device can only be added to one EasyConnect account. If you want to use another account, you have to remove it from the other account first.


on 23/01/2015

By default, Safire Control Center for Windows, is installed with automatic stream choice and changes between the available ones depending on several factors like the display window size and the bandwidth.

To be able to choose a concrete stream, independently of these factors, you have to desactivate the Automatic change of stream type and hereafter restart Safire Control Center.

You access pressing the "house in a blue circle" icon, at the top left hand side of Safire Control Center and there going to Tool > System Configuration.

In the General tab you will find the option Auto-change Video Stream.

SCC streams

on 21/01/2015

By default, Safire Control Center for Windows is installed in English.

In order to change the language you have to click the house icon at the top left hand side and choose Help > Language and pick the wanted language.

SCC Language

on 20/01/2015

The majority of the IP cameras and some of the DVR models are compatible, some of them directly and others through firmware update.

In particular the Safire IP cameras through the firmware v5.2.0 build 141120 EasyConnect, models:


And the Safire DVRs:


The list includes compatible models as of January 2015, other existing models, through firmware update, and the new ones will be EasyConnect.compatible directly.

on 13/01/2015

No, the DVR6004V-H does not include remote control; although it is capable to use one.

on 05/01/2015

The Safire model internally identified as DVR4D is the reference number DVR6004V-H

on 26/12/2014

For the models DVR61xxV-H and DVR62xxW-H, in some cases, if the RTSP port has been changed to something different from the default value (554), even after having opened the necessarry ports correctly, the remote display fails, indicating a LiveView problem.

This problem is solved installing a firmware v3.0.1 or newer, available here

on 10/12/2014

Trying to overwrite the installed Safire IP camera firmware v5.2.0, you will always get "Error" via the browser, even when it is a valid firmware version for our model.

It is not possible to install an earlier firmware version (like v5.1.6 or v5.1.2) via the browser.

If it is necessary to install the firmware v5.2.0 again, it is necessary to uninstall Web Components from Windows and access the camera again via the browser in a way that we are offered to download and install updated WebComponents.exe, by which we can install v5.2.0 without problems (but not earlier versions).

on 09/10/2014

To get the video stream address of a Safire camera via its URL, you have to do the following:

1. Change the secondary stream coding type from H264 to MJPEG. It is only possible to get the camera stream using the secondary stream, because it is the only one that can be configurated as MJPEG.

2. Use the following URL format:

-          http:// usuario : password @ dir_IP : puerto HTTP>/Streaming/channels/<canal>/preview

-          An example:

If what you want is to extract the image, one camera shot:

-          http:// usuario : password @ dir_IP : puerto HTTP>/Streaming/channels/<canal>/picture

-          Example: 12345@">http://admin:12345@

It is possible to use the main stream of the shots.





on 02/12/2014

Not at present. Neither the Safire NVRs nor the Safire DVRs can be connected to a FTP to save data remotely.

They do have functions for sending images by email coming from movement events or alarms.

The Safire IP cameras do have FTP functions for saving data coming from events.

on 11/08/2014

To configure the email in any recorder, it is recommended to use gmail. The data for this email server are the following:

Smtp server:

Smtp port: 465

Set up SSL

It is also important to add POP and the IMAP at the email.



on 25/11/2014

After installing Safire IP cameras or DVRs on the local network, you need to find them to be able to access them, modify or know your IP, change the administrator password if necessary, etc.

To be able to do this you have the SADP (Search Active Devices Protocol) tool available, with which you can easily perform these functions.

It is available for Download here.

on 11/08/2014

The SAFIRE IP cameras requires a different procedure to be added to a Hikvision or H-Series NVR.

They should be added by the ONVIF protocol, and the default NVR search port should be changed.

You have available a step by step manual with images explaining the procedure:

Click here to download the procedure

With this we can use the display functions, PTZ, movement detection configuration, etc. without problems. 

The models that currently require this procedure are:

  • IPC-CV012FHD-H
  • SF-IPDM312-I
  • IPC809I-H
  • IPC-CV612FHD-H
  • IPC-SD720FHD-H
  • IPC100IW-H
on 11/08/2014

The Safire Fisheye IP camera can be added and manage all the video flow in iVMS-4200.

To make it work correctly, it is necessary to have a recent version of the iVMS-4200 installed.

You can download the version in English clicking here.

To use iVMS-4200 v2.02 in another language follow these instructions.


on 11/08/2014

The v2.02 version of iVMS-4200 only has the languages English and Chinese.

If you need to use it in Spanish or another language, you can do so if you have a multilanguage previos version working on your PC and you install the v2.02 version updating the existing one, i.e. without uninstalling it first.

Hereby you achieve to maintain the available languages from the multilanguage version.



on 11/08/2014